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Schneider Electric is planning to bring the Company’s technology to Armenia

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan received a delegation headed by Johan Vanderplaetsen, Schneider Electric President for Russia and the CIS.

B4B / 14:51 Օգոստոս 19 16

“The benefits of the Armenian mining sector have to be equitably shared”: WB specialist

In the last five years, Armenia’s mining exports have amounted to approximately USD $500 million annually

B4B / 15:44 Հունիս 08 16

Gagik Arzumanyan appointed as Chief Advisor to Prime-Minister of Armenia

Prime Minister of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan appointed Gagik Arzumanyan appointed as chief advisor to prime-minister of Armenia.

B4B / 18:55 Հունիս 07 16

Equal conditions for all businesses – Prime Minister issues relevant instructions

Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan made a statement

B4B / 13:39 Հունիս 03 16

Azerbaijan uses forces of punishment by death to those servicemen who choose to back away from the fight. MDA press secratary

The combat efficiency of the Azeri troops has fallen so drastically that even hired mercenaries with vast terrorist experience are unable to help

B4B / 15:34 Ապրիլ 04 16

Prime Minister’s Statement about 2016 State Budget Bill

Under these circumstances, the past 9 months’ economic growth of 3.6% registered in Armenia reflects our approach to the problem

B4B / 12:36 Նոյեմբեր 03 15