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Free Heroes from Burden of Loans

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21:08 , 06 Ապրիլ 2016


It’s the sixth day in a row that we speak, read, write and comment on our wounded or killed heroes on the border. And do we think that the killed soldier or the serviceman, who we glorify and are proud of, possibly may have had loans. And currently, his family doesn’t know—mourn his death or repay the loan?

We’ll make posts on Facebook, share and like histories of their deeds…and will pass on to our affairs after some time. It sounds cruel, but this is the reality. And the family of the killed or wounded soldier will be alone, together with its concerns. Some people will ask—what to do? Of course, it’ll be impossible to return the casualties and to relieve the pain, but we may ease the burden, and it’s necessary.

We apply to heads of the country’s executive and legislative authorities:

Free families of soldiers, killed and wounded soldiers executing their service, from all financial liabilities by law—loans(towards the banks) and taxes.

Show that besides words, you otherwise appreciate them.  These people gave the most expensive what they had—their lives. So that, we, you, and others lived. From now on, they and their families shouldn’t be in debt to anyone. Cancel the liabilities towards the state (compiled loans, fees, penalties, from which penalties for violation of road traffic safety rules and etc.). And in private cases (banks, loan companies) a special fund may be initiated, from which loan obligations will be redeemed.

It’s not worth focusing on mechanisms and details; formulations are a matter of legislative bodies.

And don’t say—the state doesn’t possess resources for that. The state will always find a resource for the MOST CRUCIAL. To those saying this, we’ll provide detailed information on the resources, from useless and senseless business trips to service fleet and others.

And before that, the banking sphere may do something upon its own initiative. For instance, “watering” small loans or freezing loan service. Surely, the private sector isn’t obliged to take this burden, however, it won’t be hard for our banking system.

Take this as an appeal, a request, advice or a claim, as you wish. Discuss, develop and propose mechanisms. But do it immediately and completely. So that not a single family of a soldier received a letter or a phone call from the bank or the CES.

This is the least, we should do for our HEROES, shouldn’t we?



Photo by  Hetq.am


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