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First models of ArmPhone smartphone in sale: prices and characteristics

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17:21 , 07 Հունիս 2016

The US-Armenian joint venture manufacturing smartphones and tablets, Technology and Science Dynamics (TSD), has started selling the first models of its ArmPhone smartphone line.

The line includes the ArmPhone 0502, ArmPhone 0505, ArmPhone 0508, ArmPhone 0509 and ArmPhone 0520 models. The devices are powered by Android 5.1 or 6.0 OS. Internal memory of some models is as much as 32 GB.

TSD has already launched the ArmTab TSD Wide A1004T tablet.

Here you can see prices and technical characteristics of all models.

armphone 0508 – AMD 51 000  (USD 106)


armphone 0502 – AMD 81 000 (USD 169)


armphone 0505 – AMD 110 000 (USD 230)


armphone 0509 – 131 000 (USD 271.8)


armphone 0520 – 151 000 (USD 315.7)



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