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Unibank’s data center switches to green energy

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14:05 , 04 Փետրվար 2021

Unibank’s data center is now fully powered by solar panels. This is the first banking data center in Armenia to be powered by a renewable energy source.

Unibank’s data center was set in 2016 to process and store big data. The center allows for continuous operation of the bank’s networking, server and communication hardware.

Consistent energy transition aimed at decarbonization is one of the main components of Unibank’s development strategy. Switching the data center to solar energy allows the bank to accomplish two tasks at once: it helps to protect the environment and increases the autonomy of the system while ensuring its maximum efficiency.

“We have long been interested in the prospects of replacing traditional energy sources. This is a global trend that our team endorses as well. We recognize our responsibility to future generations and strive to make sure that our operations do not contribute to climate change. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we will continue to invest in green projects, thereby reducing the negative impact on the environment,” comments Mesrop Hakobyan, CEO of Unibank.

More and more businesses in Europe and the United States are switching to “green” generators. According to Ember, a UK-based think tank, 2020 was the first year in history that renewable energy sources in the European Union produced more electrical energy than gas and coal. The efficiency and feasibility of using renewable energy sources largely depend on the natural characteristics of a particular region. Armenia is a sunny country. The annual solar energy inflow in Armenia is 1.7 times higher than the European average.

Solar energy will be sufficient to fully meet the energy needs and ensure the fail-safe operation of the data center, allowing Unibank to increase the mobility of the center. This is an important advantage that makes the data center independent of urban power grids. Uninterruptible power sources help to protect the data center in case of force majeure: should the need arise, the center can be relocated.

Unibank started operations in 2001. The bank was founded by Gagik Zakaryan and George Piskov.

The bank has 53 branches and more than 100 promo points in different cities in Armenia. Unibank is one of the leaders in the retail market. The bank actively uses financial technologies and innovations to provide up-to-date banking services. Unibank was one of the first banks in Armenia to automate the loan application process; in 2020 the bank integrated artificial intelligence technology into credit scoring, which made it possible to quickly and efficiently process big data, analyze customer behavior, and create highly accurate customer profiles.

In 2018, SME Banking Club awarded Unibank the 2018 Most Innovative Bank certificate.

According to SPEAR’S Russia Wealth Management Awards 2018, Unibank Privé has the best private banking customer service in the CIS countries.

The IPO in 2015 has become one of the major steps in the development of Unibank. In 2020 the bank’s dollar bonds were secondary-listed on the Moscow Exchange.

In 2020 Visa international payment systeм presented the bank with the Sustainability Icon award to commend the results of the successful partnership.

Moody’s Investors Service affirmed the B2 credit ratings of Unibank, with a “stable” outlook.